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Cancellation Policy

Before you place your order, please be sure you understand the cancellation policy.

1) Change of mind
Once your order is received, we will process immediately. Therefore, we do not accept cancellation such as wrong purchase or changed of mind, or claiming not sure about policy (which we already specified on our webpage), etc. also change of item is not accepted unless the item you require is out of stock.

2) Out of stock
If we confirmed to you that there is no stock available for your order, you can choose to cancel and get a refund or if you can prefer other items, please consult us.

3) Exceeding shipping deadline
If your shipping deadline is around 7 days, and if we are exceeding that time period, we would cancel your order. Please do not set up your own shipping deadline or request without consulting us at the first place.

4) Duplicated order
Sometimes you may receive duplicated order for double clicking during the payment process or it might be a problem with the connection. We would confirm with you and cancel the duplicated order for you as per your request.

5) Color choices
After you made your purchase, if we found out that we do not have the specified item or color you want for your order, we would offer you other available color choices or have the order cancelled.

6) Any testing or fraud order (buyer's name does not correspond to card holder's name) would be banned from our website and automatically cancelled.

7) If we cannot contact you and confirm your identification within 5 working days after you placed the order, your order will be automatically cancelled.

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