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Gogoleash 4 in 1 Smart Dog Belt


Type : Smart dog leash Dimension (Wx H xD mm) : 170x170x50 Special Feature : 4 in 1 Smart Dog Belt Additional Information : Built-in LED light|Protect the safety of the dog and the owner / Can support 100 kg | multiple dogs can walk together / Creative drinking tank|fit drinking needs / Edible plastic material|Prevents safety issues from biting hai..

Ibiyaya FC1008 Pet Carrier


Type : Pet Carrier Accessories : Accessories: Removable pad / Shoulder Strap X1 Dimension (Wx H xD mm) : 300x340x500 Additional Information : (Carrier 1.8 kg..

Ibiyaya FC1526 Breathable Pet Carrier


Type : Pet Carrier Accessories : Accessories: Safety tether X1 / Removable Pad Dimension (Wx H xD mm) : 200x290x420 Additional Information : EVA bottom / EVA bottom. / Measurements : L42 W20 H29 (cm)..

Ibiyaya FC1526-D Breathable Dachshund Pet Carrier


Type : Pet Carrier Accessories : Accessories: Safety tether X1 / Removable Pad Dimension (Wx H xD mm) : 200x270x480 Additional Information : EVA bottom / Measurements : L48 W20 H27 (cm)..

Ibiyaya FC2030 Kraft Pa-purr Pet Carrier


Type : Pet Carrier Accessories : Accessories: Safety tether x1 / Removable pad Dimension (Wx H xD mm) : 180x310x410 Additional Information : A pet bag tailored specifically for cats, hand-sewn with special cat-favorite Kraft Paper. / Can also be used as a paper nest at home, removing the need to store cardboard boxes that take up space. / Comes w..

Ibiyaya FS1616 Monarch Premium Pet Stroller


Type : Pet Stroller Accessories : Accessories: Safety tether x2 / Stroller cup-holder / Removable pad Dimension (Wx H xD mm) : 600x1030x960 Additional Information : All-wheel suspension for a smooth ride. / Cabin Dimension: L66 W39 H53 (cm)..

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Ibiyaya FS2011 Travois Tri-fold Pet Stroller


Type : Pet Strollers Accessories : Accessories: Safety leash x2 / Removable pad/ Cup holder Dimension (Wx H xD mm) : 480x610x765 Additional Information : Adjustable shoulder strap for if you want to hand-carry or sling it onto your shoulder / Cabin Dimensions: L48 W28 H45 (cm) / Comes with a bottle holder for convenience / Double-sided awning op..

PETKIT Eversweet SOLO Smart Pet Drinking Fountain


Type : Pet Water purifier Accessories : 1.5m Anti-bite micro USB cable / 1.5m Anti-bite micro usb cable Dimension (Wx H xD mm) : 160x158x160 Additional Information : 1.8L ABS water tank, suitable for cats and small to medium sized dogs / Intelligent working mode: Indicator light showing Smart / Normal mode. Smart mode: Automatically change the wate..

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PETKIT Pet Folding Trolley


Dimension (Wx H xD mm) : 420x900x800 Additional Information : 360-degree front wheels / A safety buckle is made inside the basket / A water bottle holder is included / Brake protection on back wheels / Made of premium polyester fabric / The basket can be separated from the stroller / The inner pad is double-sided / The stroller is foldable with a..

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Wild One Travel Carrier


Dimension (Wx H xD mm) : 450x280x250 Additional Information : Recommended for use with dogs up to 16 lbs (7 kg)...

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