iPhone 13 Pro bulletproof version STEALTH 2.0: Can be a amulet

Iphone 13 pro bulletproof version stealth 2.0: can be a amulet

Post by Denis Ku

From time to time, there are news that mobile phones can block bullets and save the lives of users. However, Caviar, which often turns technology products into luxury goods, has launched the STEALTH 2.0, a truly bullet-proof iPhone 13 Pro series mobile phone, maybe it can become a real amulet. ...

Exynos 2200 originally had AMD 6-core GPU

Exynos 2200 originally had amd 6-core gpu

Post by Denis Ku

In the current mobile phone market, in addition to Apple's exclusive A series, the remaining three camps are Qualcomm, Samsung, and MediaTek's Android. In the past two years, MediaTek has developed rapidly. With its good performance and high cost performance, it has captured the middle and low-end m...

Tesla launched a wireless charging mobile power bank sold for USD70, expected to raise

Tesla launched a wireless charging mobile power bank sold for usd70, expected to raise

Post by Denis Ku

Tesla has put up a stylish wireless power bank on its US official website. The price of this power bank is as high as 70 US dollars.Although this mobile power bank has a capacity of only 10,000mAh, it supports wireless charging of all Qi protocol devices. According to the official introduction, the ...

WhatsApp tests a new system that syncs all devices without going through the phone

Whatsapp tests a new system that syncs all devices without going through the phone

Post by Denis Ku

Although WhatsApp can be installed on multiple devices at the same time, a mobile phone must be used as the "host", and all other devices are connected to the mobile phone. So if the phone is out of power or something goes wrong with the WhatsApp app, your other devices will not receive the message....

Android 12 comes with scrolling screenshots and camera induction automatic rotation

Android 12 comes with scrolling screenshots and camera induction automatic rotation

Post by Denis Ku

Google brings new features in Android 12 such as "scrolling screenshots" and "camera-sensing auto-rotation". For developers, this is the last beta version before the platform is stable, which means that they will be able to test whether the app has compatibility issues, and Beta 3 will also include ...

7 ways to prevent and solve iPhone overheating

7 ways to prevent and solve iphone overheating

Post by Denis Ku

If iPhone is used in hot weather, it may cause overheating problems. Lightly switch to the cooling mode, the mobile phone cannot be used for a period of time, and at worst, it damages the battery or other parts. If you want to avoid overheating of your phone, you can pay attention to these 7 tips:Ap...

Apple's new patent display: the future iPhone may detect body temperature

Apple's new patent display: the future iphone may detect body temperature

Post by Denis Ku

As smart phones have more and more functions, the lightweight body is basically packed with various parts, so some functions have been divided. For example, functions focusing on physical health monitoring are allocated to smart watches for processing, thereby reducing the number of sensors required...

Qualcomm and ASUS bring an exclusive phone to Snapdragon Insiders

Qualcomm and asus bring an exclusive phone to snapdragon insiders

Post by Denis Ku

Qualcomm has previously launched a fan program called Insiders. Its membership is currently reported to have reached 1.6 million, and in order to give back to these supporters, Qualcomm is now teaming up with Asus to create a Snapdragon-rich exclusive mobile phone. This new product, directly named S...

Canon EOS R6 and EOS-1D X Mark III have received C-Log 3 support

Canon eos r6 and eos-1d x mark iii have received c-log 3 support

Post by Denis Ku

Canon’s three cameras, EOS R6, R5 and EOS-1D X Mark III, have recently ushered in a new firmware that can introduce more professional functions. After the update, both R6 and 1D X Mark III will receive C-Log 3 support, which can bring better dynamic range and color space performance. At the same tim...

Replaceable sensor design: Sony launches Venice 2 film-level professional camcorder

Replaceable sensor design: sony launches venice 2 film-level professional camcorder

Post by Denis Ku

In 2017, Sony launched the world’s first film-grade professional video camera Venice with a full-frame CMOS sensor and 6K recording capability. The manufacturer has just released its successor model, Venice 2, which has an improved resolution to 8.6K, 16-level dynamic range, and can replace 6K or 8....