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3R 2 PCS 1.5kg Load Capacity Car Backseat Convenient Sundries Hook for Holding Plastic Bag Backbag Car Backseat Hook


1. Brand new and high quality 2. Easy to install and remove, durable and waterproof 3. Convenient to use, it can help you organize your inner car 4. The maxmium load capacity is 1.5kg 5. Perfect design, suitable for every bag Specification: General Product Size 12.2*5.8..


3R 2 PCS Car Seat Back Trunk Bag Hanger Holder Auto Headrest Luggage Hook


1. Non-poisonous and odorless, resinous plastic material, abrasion resistance of the proucts meet the standards of international safety and health. 2. Simple and beautiful design, save space, it is safe and widely use. 3. Convenient to be hung on any headrest rod. 4. Can bear the max weight of 5kg. 5. The holder can suspend shopping bags, packagin..


3R 3R-2112 2 PCS Car Seat Back Convenient Hooks Bags Hanger Holder


1. Simple design and durable. 2. The hook can be rotated and put away when not in use, more safety. 3. Easy to install. 4. The height of goods that hanged should be less than 5kg. Specification: General Product NO. 3R-2112 ..


3R 3R-2153 4 PCS Car Mini Convenient Hooks Bags Hanger Holder


1. Simple design and durable. 2. Small size and wide application range. 3. Easy to install. 4. Special double-sided tape, no disassembly. 5. Adhesive is stable and not easy to fall off. 6. Material: ABS..


3R 3R-2155 Car Auto Backseat Hanger Hook Tissue Box Hook


1. Durable and reliable. 2. Small size, flexible and convenient. 3. Can be hung on the back of the car seat or used in front of the seat. 4. Silicone high-elastic straps, universal tissue box. 5. Size: 12.5 x 14.8 x 0.5cm..


KANEED 2 PCS Car Vehicle Multi-functional Seat Headrest Bag Hanger Hook Holder Seat Headrest Hanger Hanging Holder Double Hooks Car Double Hooks


1. Brand new and high quality 2. Fit for any cars, SUVs or trucks as long as you can access the metal rods holding the headrest piece. 3. Multi-Purpose, Conveniently Holds Grocery Bags, Handbags, Purses, Schoolbags, Umbrellas And More. 4. perfect for ladies, moms and anyone wants to keep the car neat and prevent the bags from falling off when you..


OEM 1 Pair Hidden Type Car Hook


About the product1. Do you often trouble for no place to put things in your car? This car hook is very much in line with your needs 2. Lightweight and compact design 3. Easy to use, space saving 4. Convenient and practical: easy to pack the car bag and other items, to ensure that the object is safe, to prevent the emergency brake when the goods ..


OEM 10 PCS Car Hook Car Sticky Multifunctional Mini Small Hook Car Seat Back Hook


1. Material: plastic2. Weight: about 40g/piece3. Size: about 4x3x2 cm/piece4. Applicable scenarios: both car and home5. Features: unique shape, exquisite and beautiful appearance, easy installation of glue, no glue marks, keeping the car clean and orderly, safe material, durable..


OEM 100 PCS Hole Plastic Rivets Fastener Push Clips


1. Rivet post pressure expands legs for fast and permanent fastening 2. Used widely for car fender, bumper, door or other car surface 3. Insert the female part into hole, push the male part to the bottom, closed position 4. To uncouple the two parts, unhook the male part by using a tool under its head 5. Push in type, are made of the plastic ma..


OEM 100 PCS Universal Car Door Panel Clips


1. Brand new 2. Replacement door panel clips for updating door panel..


OEM 10PCS A-3 Car Hidden Seat Back Hook Multifunctional Rear Phone Holder Hook


1. Sturdy and durable, not easy to fall off when rotating, strong load-bearing2. Multi-function hook to place mobile phone, storage is more convenient3. Easy to use, suitable for front and rear seats4. Do not fall when turning without deformation5. Will not wear the car seat skin6. Can be installed back and forth, with larger storage capacity7. Mat..


OEM 2 Pair Adhesive Car Mini Hook Card Holder


1. Faux leather appearance, integrated with car leather interior. 2. It can hold bills, highway cards, fuel cards, sunglasses and other driving supplies. 3. Use 2 together, it can be used as a garbage bag hook. 4. Use double-sided tape to ensure stickiness, and a single hook can bear more than 250g. 5. Material: PC..


OEM 2 PCS / Set Car Cigarette Lighter Dust Cover Plug


1. Material: PC 2. Size: about 35x25mm 3. Net weight: about 30g (including packaging) 4. Packing list: 2 pcs / set 5. Prevent dust and foreign objects from entering the cigarette lighter socket; prevent children from reaching into the socket 6. Suitable for cigarette lighter sockets with an inner diameter of 20.8--22mm. Most conventional car charge..


OEM 2 PCS Car Auto Seat Back Bottle Bag Holder Hook Pothook


1. Brand new and high quality. 2. Compact and ergonomic design. 3. Prevent your grocery and shopping bags from rolling around on the car. 4. Can hang your shopping bags or drinking bottle. 5. Made of solid plastic for long time uses. 6. Easy to install. 7. Material: Plastic. Specification: General Ma..


OEM 2 PCS Car Multifunctional Rear Headrest Mobile Phone Hook Second Generation Blue


1. Material: ABS+silicone2. Scope of application: 10-16 inch headrest, mobile phone ruler width within 9 cm3. Hook + bracket, two functions4. 360 degree rotation, front row available5. Not easy to fall and shake6. Can be folded and hidden when not in use7. High-strength magnetic force, stable adsorption8. Lock it firmly while holding the phone9. Si..

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