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OEM 1 Pairs Bicycles Scooters Brake Protective Case Foot Support Cover Silicone Cover


Type:Brake CoverMaterial:Silica GelDescription:1. Size: 1.5 × 8 cm2. Applicable models: bicycles, scooters and so on3. Function: prevent the finger pressure when braking, protect the brake handle4. Features: comfortable feel, non-slip, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant5. Use: soak in warm water before installation for easier installation or use ..

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OEM 10 PCS Jg-Phc-12 Children Bicycle Scooter Reflective Sticker Night Warning Riding Contour Sticker


1. Colorful and shining, flexible material is more compliant2. Reflecting light at night, safe travel3. Waterproof and rainproof, durable4. Material: PVC5. Specifications: 12 strips per sheet, each with a size of 8x92mm6. Size: 10x13cm..

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OEM 10pcs Reflective Stickers for Bicycle Rims Riding Equipment Accessories


1. Material: reflective material paper2. Applicable: motorcycles, bicycles, cars, etc.3. Specifications: 8 strips per sheet4. Dimensions: about 20.5 cm in length and 0.8 cm in width5. High-fit adhesive backing sticks firmly and is not easy to fall off6. The stronger the light at night, the stronger the reflected light7. Reminder: The original size ..


OEM 2 Pairs Carbon Fiber Texture Road Bike Ties Snakeskin Handlebar Ties


1. Non-slip and sweat-absorbing, comfortable and breathable2. Elastic EVA shock absorber with cushioning3. Microfiber surface, delicate touch, easy to grasp4. Material: artificial leather5. Note: The product only contains straps, no other6. Weight: about 73.9g..


OEM 2 Sets Bicycle Honeycomb Reflective Sticker Night Reflective Logo Grid Stripe Warning Strip


1. The stronger the light, the brighter, the safer night riding2. Long-term viewing distance, visible reflections from 300 meters away3. Adopt prism reflective technology to increase the brightness of reflective4. Rain and sun protection, not easy to fade5. Waterproof and wear-resistant, long service life6. High reflective brightness, bright colors..


OEM Camouflage Bicycle Curved Handlebar Straps


1. Specifications: 1 pair2. Features: lightweight, non-slip3. Flexible rubber sponge4. Sweat-absorbing and breathable, keep the palm dry5. Light weight without burden, riding without load6. Small handle7. Dimensions: Length 210cm x Width 3cm8. Weight: 50 grams..


OEM JH085 Chrysanthemum Pattern Shock Absorption Gradient Color Bicycle Handlebar


1. Material: PU, EVA2. PU leather surface, easy to handle, corrosion-resistant, sweat-absorbing elastic EVA foam, shock-absorbing and buffering.3. Comfortable grip makes riding easier and effectively relieves hand pressure.4. According to the circumference of the handlebar and personal feel, increase the width and number of turns of the handlebar5...


OEM OQSPORT 12 PCS Bicycle Wheel Spoke Reflector Reflective Mount Clip Tube Warning Light Strip


1. Brand new and high quality. 2. Can be used on the motorcycle wheel, bike wheel and so on places, offer a safety and funny beautiful DIY wheel show. 3. Bright reflective series product, colorful light bicycle spokes. The distant direct light back to the light refraction principle according to the Light, day or night reverse have good Optical eff..


WEST BIKING 1 Pair YP0804059 Road Bike Color Line Bar Belt PU Non-Slip Riding Bar Belt


1. Adhesive tape to make the winding firmer2. Thick EVA material, shockproof, comfortable and soft3. Elastic PU material, comfortable hand feel, lightweight, easy to control the grip4. The surface is compounded with PU, easy to clean5. Lengthen the bandage with tape inside, which can be wound repeatedly6. Adhesive tape on the back, fit without slip..


WEST BIKING 2pairs Road Bike Handlebar With Retaining Ring Brake Cable Protector


1. Material: high-quality high-elastic silicone2. Applicable: most handlebars3. Selected silicone, soft and comfortable4. Thickened design, long service life5. The joint is firm and the strap does not loosen6. Good tensile strength, rest assured to use7. One-piece molding makes the fixing buckle more resistant to extrusion damage8. Weight: 6g/pair9..


WEST BIKING Bicycle Anti-Skid And Shock-Absorbing Comfortable Grip Cover


1. Material: TPE/TPU/silicone/aluminum alloy lock ring2. Features: sweat absorption, non-slip, shock absorption3. Suitable aperture: about 22.2 cm4. Ergonomic fits the palm of the hand, with gradation of unevenness, relieves palm fatigue, and saves effort in holding and holding5. Sealed design, normal travel in rainy days6. Anti-slip tread pattern ..


WEST BIKING Bicycle PU Non-Slip Handlebar Strap


1. Material: PU2. Weight: 38.7g3. Size: about 21.5x3x0.263cm4. Features: high-strength elasticity, wide application temperature range, environmental protection and health, anti-skid and shock absorption, breathable and sweat-wicking, lightweight design5. Easy to install and easy to use6. The leather is non-slip, breathable and comfortable7. Adhesiv..


ZTTO Road Bike Handle Bar Tape Non-slip Anti-Vibration PU Leather Breathable Wear-resisting


1. Material: EVA/ PU 2. Length: about 2.1m 3. Width: 30mm 4. Thickness: about 2.9mm 5. Feature: fit for road bike handlebar used 6. Wearable, breathable, high toughness, washable..

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