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OEM Bluetooth Fish Detector 125KHz Sonar Sensor 0.6-36m Depth Locator Fishes Finder Alarm for iOS & Android Mobile Phones


1. With this fish finder,you will know the real-time fish situation on your phone connected by sensor Bluetooth. 2. This is a kind of fish finder which is connected by bluetooth and wireless. 3. 125KHz sonar provides stable signal and stronger anti-interference to realize lossless reception and detect fish situation. 4. Distance of Bluetooth recept..


OEM Color HD Screen USB Charging Dot Matrix Fish Finder,Random Color Delivery HD Screen Fish Finder


1. Material: plastic2. Display mode: dot matrix LCD3. Display size: 2.6 inches4. Display points: 240x3205. Display contrast: 10-100%6. Backlight: highlight LED backlight7. Depth range: 0.6-50 meters8. Wireless working range: 180 meters (MAX)9. Sonar frequency: 120KHZ10. Sonar beam angle: 105 degrees11. Radio frequency: 433 MHz12. Working temperatur..


OEM Fish Finder Wireless Mobile Phone Sonar Fish Finder APP Underwater Fish Finder Fishing Fishing Gear


Specification:1. Size: 68x68x50 mm2. Depth: 0.6-36M (2.5-120FT)3. Radio frequency: 2.4GHZ4. Bluetooth distance: 30M5. Sonar frequency: 125kHZ6. Built-in battery: 1000mAh lithium battery7. Battery life: 10 hours8. Working temperature: -10-60 degrees Celsius9. Sonar radiation angle: 90 degrees10. Power supply: DC 10V-18V11. Depth range: 0.6M-30MFeatu..


OEM Portable Fish Finder with 2.0 inch Display


1. Depth readout from 0.6-100m 2. Fish alarm 3. Battery save mode 4. Selectable sensitivity 5. Fish depth scale 6. Removable transducer float 7. Water-resistance design..


OEM Portable Ultrasonic Fish Finder


Description :This amazing product is especially designed for amateur and professional fishermen alike, to find out the location of fish, depth and bottom contour of water. The unit can be used in ocean, river or lake and is fantastic for detecting schools of fish in any particular area. Features: Wide and clear LCD display Depth readout from 0.6 to..


OEM Portable Wired Fish Finder with Sonar Sensor Transducer and LCD Display


Feature1. Detect and display grass, short & tall weeds, sand, and rocks on seabed 2. Get the approximate location of fish and the depth of water 3. Round transducer sensor with 7.5 m cable, 45-degree beam angle 4. With fish depth scale and audible fish alarm 5. User selectable meter or feet readings 6. Range of depth readout from 0.7 meters up to 1..

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OEM S1 Visual HD Phone Wireless Sonar Ultrasonic Fish Finder


1. Display: smartphone, tablet or other smart device display2. Bluetooth receiving distance: 80m3. Use time: 3-5h4. 100-level sensitivity setting, depth range automatic and manual selection5. Automatic scaling and quick manual scaling6. Customizable measurement unit meters or feet7. Detection depth range: 0.6-40m8. Accuracy: 0.1m9. Frequency: 125KH..


OEM TL86 Portable Wireless Color Screen Fishing Device Fishfinder


1. Size: 120mm*70mm*23mm 2. Weight: 105g 3. Power: rechargeable body & sensor 4. Function: water depth,fish alarm, quantity, depth etc Big-middle-small fish directly to distinguish 5. Sensor angle: 90 degree 6. Receiving distance: 120 meters..


OEM X11 7 inch Night Vision Color Underwater Visual Fish Anchor Fishfinder Fishing Camera


1. 7 inch high definition screen 2. 180 degree wide angle camera infrared can be controlled 3. 30M length cable line bring you to the underwater world 4. 12 pcs night lights keep the image clearly 5. Application scene: Seashore, ice fishing, pond, etc..


OEM X5 Portable Wifi Visible Fishing Device Fishfinder


1. Camera interface: AV, power interface: DC 2. Connection mode: 2.4 GHWIFI 3. Wireless transmission distance: 40 meters 4. Pixel: 300W 5. Working current: 500MA 6. Batteries: Built-in 4000MA polymer batteries 7. Working hours: 4.5 hours 8. Weight: 300g..


OEM XJ-01 Wireless Fish Detector 125KHz Sonar Sensor 0.6-36m Depth Locator Fishes Finder with 2.4 inch LCD Screen & Antenna


1. Depth range: 0.6-36m 2. Sonar frequency: 125KHz 3. Radio frequency: 2.4GHz 4. Sonar beam angle: 45 Degrees 5. Wireless operating range: 100m 6. 2 modes: sonar graphic mode and stationary float mode 7. 10 levels of sensitivity 8. 11 levels white LED backlight 9. Can set fish alarm, depth alarm, contrast, chart speed (10 grades), fish disp..

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