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Deli 2 PCS F4104 2.8m PVC Bamboo Skipping Rope Student Sports Jumping Rope


1. PVC bamboo skipping rope, not easy to age and durable2. 2.8 meters long rope, strong wear resistance and toughness3. Handle sticker design, you can write the class name for easy identification and distinction4. PP non-slip handle, comfortable grip5. Not suitable for children under 3 years old, children under 14 years old need to be used under ad..


Xiaomi Original Mijia Smart Training Skipping Rope Dual Mode Supports Sports APP XMSR-P803


1. Cordless and double rope mode, ready to ignite indoors and outdoors 2. Borderless dot matrix screen display, jump times visible immediately 3. 360 degree precision bearing for smoother and more flexible jumping 4. 3m rope length is freely adjustable, strong and wear-resistant, following the heartbeat 5. Material: PC 6. Battery Capacity: 200mAh 7..

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