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OEM 2 PCS Outdoor High Decibel Stainless Steel Three-Tube Survival Rescue Whistle


1. Lightweight and equipped with a keychain for easy carrying2. High hardness, good strength, not easy to rust, not easy to damage, strong and durable3. Three-tube whistle tube design, balanced, high-frequency, light blowing and easy to sound, can be as high as 150-180 decibels instantly4. Bigger caliber, louder whistle5. The surface is colored by ..


OEM 4 PCS Nine-Core Reflective Umbrella Rope Woven Bracelet Survival Whistle Emergency Umbrella Rope Wristband


1. Material: plastic, umbrella rope2. Purpose: travel, outdoor camping, hiking and mountaineering3. Features: multifunctional, versatile and durable4. Reflective 9-core umbrella rope, anti-corrosion and anti-aging5. Portable push-type buckle, firm and firm6. High-decibel survival whistle, strong penetrating, easy to blow7. Detachable umbrella rope,..


OEM Coreless Dolphin Whistle Children Outdoor Sports Referee Whistle


1. Material: ABS2. Great for basketball and volleyball referees and coaches3. With a soft mouthpiece, safe to use4. Suitable for indoor sports referee whistle5. Size: about 6x2 cm..


OEM Outdoor Portable Stainless Steel First Aid Pill Storage Box


1. Material: metal2. Function: Seal3. Storage scene: outdoor, car, table, carry around, under the bed, storage room, drawer4. Dimensions: 66x36.6mm5. Weight: 114 grams6. Note: only the storage box, no other items are included..


OEM Outdoor Survival Punch Drill Bit Tool Set


1. Stainless steel material, not easy to rust2. Hard tungsten steel drill3. Vacuum welding, not afraid of knocking, can withstand 100kg impact4. Material: leather, tungsten steel5. Size: about 16x4 cm6. Weight: about 295 grams..


OEM SHINE A260 TRIP Outdoor Climbing Hammer Aluminum Camping Tent Canopy Nail Hammer Multifunctional Survival Hammer


1. Material: stainless steel hammer head + high quality aluminum alloy handle2. Dimensions: 305 x 90mm3. Weight: about 349 grams4. Hammer head size: 40mm5. Features: extremely hard, wide adaptability, light and practical6. Functions: nail holes, digging pits, bottle openers, hanging wind ropes, pulling ground nails...


XINDA XD-8610 Single Fixed Pulley Mountaineering Rope Climbing Rappelling Survival Equipment


1. Material: Aluminum alloy, lightweight and durable. 2. Static loading strength is 20KN, dynamic one is 10KN 3. Size(L x W x H): 8.2*4.4*2cm Weight: 87g 4. The diameter of rope: 8-13mm 5. Half round hand point, forced equally and stably..

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