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APEXEL 1200m Golf Laser Infrared Telescope Rangefinder APL-LRM1200


1. Functions: distance measurement, speed measurement, height measurement, angle measurement, golf trajectory correction, flagpole lock, smoke2. While clearly observing the object, the distance between the fixed object and the moving object can be measured within a certain range.3. High ranging accuracy, short ranging time, intuitive distance displ..


Bolanke Universal 20 Times Mobile Phone Telephoto Lens Monocular Live Broadcast HD 4K No Vignetting Lens 20X


Structure:Single TelescopeFunction Type:Ordinary TelescopeInstrument Magnification:20 Times1. Specifications:- Material: Aluminum alloy- Lens: Optical glass lens- Shooting distance: 3m-5000m- Lens height: 140mm- Lens weight: 210g- Front diameter: 38mm- Rear diameter: 28mm2. Function: Overcome the shortcomings of camera phones that can only be seen ..


OEM Solaraway TN-02 8X Prism Optical System Orbitor Natural Observer with Digital Recording 8X Natural Observer


About the product1. The product is a versatile device for which you will soon find a variety ofuses. 2. It is ideal for studying birds and wildlife, the powerful viewing optics make subjecs apper 8 times closer. 3. The environment is quieting, the sound detecting system is powerful enough to pick up a human conversation at a distance of 100m or mor..

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