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OEM Anti-Noise Safety Work Sleep Hearing Protection Headphones Protective Earmuffs


Type:Anti-Noise Ear Muffs1. Noise reduction: 28dB2. color: red3. material: plastic4. Function: Anti-noise5. Uses: respiratory protection in factories, construction sites, cleaning, coal mines, stone materials, sanding and other environments6. Package Included: 1 x Against Noise Protection Headphones..


OEM Anti-Track UV Protection Reflex Sunglasses Side Mirror with Protective Box


1) Backsight glasses designed for anti-tracking 2) Breaking all the rules of tracking 3) No need to turn around to see who is following you 4) Side mirror view on both sides design, just works like the rearview mirror in your car 5) Protection against ultraviolet rays 6) Protects yourself from would be stalkers 7) Great way to keep your dista..

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OEM CPR Emergency Face Shield Mask Key Ring Breathing Mask


1. Packaging: Nylon bag packing2. Material: Safety PE3. Net weight: 0.02kg4. Size: 30x20 cm5. Function: Artificial Respiration..


OEM CPR Resuscitator Rescue Emergency First Aid Breathing Mask Mouth Breath One-way Valve Tools


1.Unique design, high quality, high efficiency. 2. CPR pocket mask with O2O inlet.It can make patient breath fluently. 3. Avoid direct contact between patient and rescuer. 4. Soft cushion offers secure seal. 5. Convenient to use with operate instruction. 6. Color: Random Delivery 7. Material: Plastic+Silicone 8. Size: 12x10x2.6cm 9. Diameter: 2.6cm..

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