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DOBE 2 PCS TP4-1758 Wireless Game Handle Cigarette Holder For PS4


1. Material: ABS 2. Size: 6 x 13.5 x 5.6cm 3. Weight: 83g 4. For PS4 / Slim / Pro game controller 5. With angle adjustment function, the adjustment angle can reach 180 degrees, players can easily adjust to a comfortable angle. Specification: General Compatible with Sony: ..


DOBE Adjustable Smart Mobile Phone Clamp Holder For PS4/Slim/Pro Controller TP4-016B


1. Compatible for PS4/PS4 Slim/PS4 Pro controller2. Connect your controllers with mobile phones,real gaming experience solution3. Adjustable angle range from 0 to 180 degree,you can easily adjust the clamp to the most comfortable position to you4. Flexible clamp design,6 inch mobile compatible(88mm width)max5. Material:High quality ABS6. Packing In..


DOBE Console Game Cd Storage Rack Can Accommodate 36 Double-Layer Disc Racks For PS5


1. Material: plastic2. Available range: for PS53. Can hold 36 CDs4. Product weight: 1072g5. Dimensions:13.5x13.3x38.8cm Specification: General Compatible with Sony: PS5..


DOBE TP4-016 Smartphone OTG Clamp Holder for Sony PS4 Game Controller


1. Uses PS4 controller to play smartphone games 2. Can clamp on PS4 controller or use as a phone holder individually 3. Suitable for most Android 4.0 or later version smartphones with OTG function 4. Compatible with up to 6 inch / 86mm smartphones 5. Do not wipe the product with a chemical reagent, do not scratch the product with sharp objects, do..


DOBE TP5-0520 Console Game Cd Storage Rack Can Accommodate 12 Double-Layer Disc Racks For PS5


1. Material: plastic2. Available range: for PS53. Can hold 12 CDs4. Product weight: 562 grams5. Dimensions: 12.5x7.8x29.5 cm Specification: General Compatible with Sony: PS5..


DOBE TP5-0527 Wireless Handle Bracket Bluetooth Handle Bracket Adjustable Mobile Phone Bracket For PS5


1. Material: ABS+PC, electronic components2. Scope of application: For PS5 handle bracket3. Packing: color box4. Product weight: 117 grams5. Remarks: no gamepad is shipped6. Used to connect gamepad and mobile phone7. The bottom angle can be rotated and adjusted, players can easily adjust to a comfortable angle to play games, and enhance the mobile ..


DOBE TP5-0527B Gamepad Controller Smart Phone Cellphone Mount holder Support Clamp Clip For PS5


1. For PS5 controller conveniently, and you will have a more interesting game experience 2. The telescopic clamp design, the maximum compatible with 6 inches of mobile phone(The width of 88mm below) 3. The angle adjusting function, adjusting the angle up to 180 degrees, the player can be adjusted to their most comfortable angel to playing game 4. F..


DOBE TP5-0537B Gamepad Controller Holder with Cable For PS5


1. Suitable for placing game controllers 2. The display frame is beautiful with game controllers 3. Equipped with 1PCS USB charging cable 4. Lightweight and compact design for saving place and easy carrying. 5. Anti-Slip. Specification: General Compatible with Sony: ..


DOBE TP5-0573 Game Handle Pipe Clip Phone Holder Clip For PS5


1. Material: PC+ABS2. Suitable for PS5 gamepad3. Allow users to smoke a pipe conveniently while playing games4. With angle adjustment function, the adjustment angle can reach 180 degrees, and the player can easily adjust to a comfortable angle5. Note: The product does not include a handle Specification: General ..


DOBE TP5-0593 Multi-function Stand With Game Disc Storage For PS5


1.The base is compatible with CFI-1000a and CFI-1000b ps5. 2. Built-in two-speed regulating fans can speed up the air circulation at the bottom of the console to achieve the purpose of heat dissipation. 3. The fan control switch on the left side can switch four gears (fast gear, medium speed gear, slow gear, off gear) of the fan. It is controlled b..


DOBE TP5-0595 Portable Headphone Hanger Stand Headset Mount Hanging Holder for PS5


1. Fashionable and beautiful 2. Easy to use, the rack can be installed by simply snapping it on the top edge of the PS5 host. The rack is equipped with soft silicone to protect the host from damage 3. Which Is not easy to scratch the host, easy to disassemble 4. Convenient to store the earphone without taking up space 5. Product Size: 4x3.5x11.5cm ..


DOBE TYX-0631 Gamepad Clip Holder for PS5


1. Telescopic fixture design. 2. Angle adjustment function, adjustable angle up to 180 degrees, players can adjust to their most comfortable way to play. 3. Sturdy, safe, flexible enough to be easy. 4. Strong durability and high strength, drop resistant and not easy to break, with long service life. 5. It can easily connect the Android phone with t..


ipaly For PS5 Host Multifunctional Cooling Base VR2 Handle Charging Stand Disc Storage Rack


1. The base has 2 built-in radiator fans + touch switch and working status indicator.2. After power on, press the touch switch, the radiator fan will start to run at high speed, after that the high speed fan indicator icon lights up green, the cooling fan has three speeds, respectively "high - medium - low"3. Handle charging indicator: when the ind..


IPEGA For PS5 Horizontal Stand with 4-Port USB Hub Base Holder


1. Specially designed for PS5 disc drive version and digital version game console.2. Made of high-quality ABS material, stable and durable for long-term use.3. The host can be placed horizontally on the table, which is more stable than vertical placement.4. The game console horizontal bracket keeps your game console away from the table and provides..


iplay for PS5 Game Console Cooling Fan Base Charging Stand with Disc Holder HBP-271


1. Material: ABS+ metal bottom plate2. Applicable to all series of PS5 consoles3. Contact terminal design, bid farewell to repeated plugging and unplugging4. The fan can be started with one button, and the rapid heat dissipation and cooling can effectively improve the gaming experience5. Dual USB charging output ports, which can be charged with an ..

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