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OEM LINEPAUDIO A962 HiFi 6J9 Vacuum Tube Power Headphone Amplifier USB ASIO Sound Card


About The Product1. LINEPAUDIO A962 fancier-level HiFi Vacuum Tube Power Headphone Amplifier PreAmp, made of Beijing classic quality 6J9-J vacuum tube, USB-PC supported ASIO sound effect software will give out more professional, full, open-stage, soft and smooth sound, especially applicable to voice, string music, light music, and classical music, ..


OEM LINEPAUDIO A963 48V Pro Condenser Microphone Phantom Power Source


About The Product1. The condenser microphone is the preferred option for sound engineers. LINEPAUDIO A963 Microphone provides professional and stable 48V power supply, compact and made of metals, equipped with XLR balanced I/O making it easier to connect the microphone with other devices. 2. The professional condenser microphone phantom power supp..


OEM LINEPAUDIO A966 Pro Eight-channel Headphone Amplifier Headphone Distributer Signal Amplifier


About The Product1. LINEPAUDIO A966 is a high-quality eight-channel high-power headphone amplifier which perfectly drives various high-impedance pro monitor headphones, provides the performer with quality monitor sound quality, and enables the performer to get immersed in the show and fully present his own musical work. This product not only provid..


OEM LINEPAUDIO A967 Full-balanced Passive PreAmp Active Speaker Two-channel Volume Controller


About The Product1. LINEPAUDIO A967 Passive PreAmp Active Speak Volume Two-Channel Controller is small and compact, applicable to use with active speaker or PostAmp, supports full-balanced or single-ended signal I/O, equipped with a switch for easily switching I/O signal. 2. Infinitely picky about the sound quality, infinitely tolerant on music. P..

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