Metal Detector

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OEM GP-POINTER AT Metal Detector IP68 Waterproof Positioning Rod


1. With anti-loss function, the machine will automatically shut down after 30s alarm beep if it is not used for 2min2. High detection sensitivity, there are two sensitivity settings and two detection settings: audio vibration or vibration only (mute)3. Working frequency: 11.5KHZ4. Waterproof level: IP6810, depth up to 3m5. Adjustment: automatic or ..


OEM GP-Pointer S Metal Detector Gold Detector Pointer Pinpointing GP-Pointer S Black


1. Positioning indication, 360 degree omni-directional scanning2. Sound and vibration synchronous alarm3. Automatic adjustment, no need to reset4. Equipped with a professional leather case, easy to carry5. With LED flash, convenient for low light or night use6. The operation is simple and convenient, and it can quickly detect metals7. Waterproof de..


OEM IP68-Pointer Handheld Metal Detector 3M Waterproof Positioning Stick


1. 360-degree dead-end scanning, the closer the metal, the higher the sound and vibration frequency, high sensitivity intelligent identification, accurate and stable positioning2. Easy to operate, vibration + buzzer dual alarm, when the device is close to the metal, an alarm3. With LED flashlight function4. With leather case, easy to carry5. IP68 w..


OEM Metal Detector Sand Scoop And Shovel Set Digging Tool


1. Made of ABS material, suitable for long-term use.2. The hourglass can help you easily filter out unwanted objects such as sand and mud while preserving your treasure.3. A shovel can help you easily dig out what the metal detector finds in the ground!4. It is super light and can be used by adults and children.5. A good tool for metal detection6. ..

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