eekoo 512MB CLASS 4 TF(Micro SD) Memory Card


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1. Using crystal elements, the reading and writing is stable and smooth, without delay.
2. The chip performance is stable and the reading and writing is strong.
3. Four-fold protection: waterproof, anti-magnetic, cold-resistant and heat-resistant, anti-X-ray, escort the memory card, free from outside interference.
4. Compatible with most digital products on the market, easy to convert to SD card with SD card sets, compatible with SD ordinary card machine and SLR and other digital devices.
5. Widely used in driving school recorders, children story machines, low-profile mobile phones and other digital products.

1. Size: 15x11x1mm.
2. Reading speed: 18M/s, writing speed: 5M/s.
3. Speed class: Class 4.
4. Working voltage: 2.7-3.6V.
5. Storage temperature: -40-85 degrees Celsius.
6. Working temperature: -25-85 degrees Celsius.
7. Number of insertions and removals: 10,000 insertions and removals.

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eekoo 512MB CLASS 4 TF(Micro SD) Memory Card


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